100 Democrats REFUSE To Condemn Socialism

This week, the House Republican Conference passed a resolution denouncing the evils of socialism. They also stated that they oppose socialist policies in the country.

The resolution was immediately criticized by Democrats, such as Hakeem Jeffries, the House Minority Leader.

He stated that the resolution condemned dictators and socialism.

He stated that the resolution was made to cover up for the extreme views of the Republican members of Congress. They are trying to undermine the country's agenda.

He also stated that Republicans are planning on cutting Medicare and Social Security, which are supposedly socialist programs.

The resolution, according to her, is divisive and insulting to the American people. It suggests that various government programs, such as Medicare, Social Security, and fire departments, are anti-American.

Republicans claim that they are merely trying to condemn socialism, as stated by Rep. Maria Salazar, who introduced the controversial resolution.

During her speech on the House floor, she stated that the resolution was introduced to prevent young people from being brainwashed into thinking that socialism is beneficial for everyone in the country.

According to her, young people are being led to believe that socialism benefits everyone in the US. She noted that almost 40 percent of millennials and Gen Z think that the Communist Manifesto is better than the Declaration on Independence.

She also pointed out the problems with the embrace of socialism, as she noted that many of her constituents are Cuban exiles.

She noted that District 27 in Miami is home to thousands of Cubans, as well as other Latin American immigrants. These people have fled from the vile and harmful ideologies that have been produced by socialism.

She also noted that the people of the US are being threatened by the evil ideologies of socialism. She stated that it only takes a generation to lose their freedom, and this is why it is important that the House passes the resolution.

Democrats, however, seem to disagree. In two years, Jeffries had promised to never allow the party's socialist wing to become too powerful.

In 2021, he stated that he would never bend to the left-wing democratic socialism. Two years later, he can't seem to say that he will never support socialism.

According to Massie, it's because "socialism is a moving target."

Massie stated that the country is slowly moving toward socialism. He believes that it is important for the House to vote on whether or not it wants to be a socialist nation.

He also noted that there are members of the House who support socialism. According to him, they would be willing to spend up to 80 percent of the country's GDP on socialism.

He also noted that the Democrats are spending, spending, and spending even though the country is already in deficit.

In particular, Biden has made it clear that he believes that money can grow on trees, as he pushes for more spending bills.

It's believed that the main reason why Democrats do not support condemnation of socialism is due to how they love spending the people's money with abandon. In total, there were only about a hundred Democrats who did not support socialism.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Wire News.

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