100+ Dems Push Biden for Work Permits for Illegal Aliens: Invasion Continues!

Over a hundred House Democrats have demanded that President Biden assist illegal immigrants in obtaining work permits. The group, which includes representatives from New York and Washington, is led by Pramila Jayapal and Jerry Nadler. They are urging the president and Alejandro Mayorkas, the DHS Secretary, to use all available resources to help these individuals.

It’s astonishing that House Democrats are focused on the well-being and welfare of illegal immigrants instead of the needs of Americans. Their proposal to ease the processing of work authorizations for asylum seekers would allow them to work immediately after they have filed their claim. This is an outrageous idea and would only encourage more illegal immigration.

It is very unlikely that the Democratic administration will be able to pass comprehensive immigration reform in this Congress due to the extreme opposition from the Republican Party. However, it is still important that the American people have a say in the decisions that the Biden administration makes.

The Democrats' hypocritical position on immigration has been further exacerbated by the reports that the government is encouraging illegal immigrants to carry out illegal activities by sending them text messages. It is unbelievable that the government would encourage such behavior.

In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams, who is a Democrat, has stated that he is against the influx of illegal immigrants due to the destructive effects it would have on the city. It is refreshing to see a politician from a different party with a common sense regarding the issue.

It is time for members of Congress to start focusing on the needs of the American people instead of the welfare of illegal immigrants. The Biden administration should immediately end the House Democrats' irresponsible demands and uphold the law.

Written by Staff Reports

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