2018 Texts Debunk Joe Biden’s Claim of Keeping Hunter at ‘Arm’s Length’

In the ongoing Biden family scandal, Democrats have been trying to distance Hunter Biden from his father and claim that there is “no evidence” of his involvement or receiving money. However, this defense is easily debunked by the plethora of evidence showing Joe Biden’s active participation through dinners, phone calls, witnesses, and emails. Another reason this defense falls apart is the clear commingling of Hunter and Joe’s money. Republicans are now reacting to a 2018 text where Hunter admits that his father had been using his account for the past 11 years. This revelation further implicates Joe Biden in his son’s questionable financial dealings.

Republicans, including House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, are speaking out against this corruption and stating that it is undeniable that Joe Biden is compromised. Committee Republicans argue that the 2018 texts between Hunter and his assistant provide additional evidence that Joe had at least some knowledge of his son’s business dealings, contradicting his repeated claims of ignorance. Representatives Clay Higgins, Paul Gosar, and Tim Burchett all express their concerns and call for justice and accountability. The evidence is mounting, and it’s time for the American people to demand answers.

This text message revelation exposes the hollowness of Joe Biden’s defense. Not only was his business associate Eric Schwerin working on his finances, but Joe was also using Hunter’s accounts for his own benefit. Hunter even mentioned having to pay for everything, including Joe’s expenses. It becomes impossible to distance Hunter from Joe when their financial entanglement is so apparent. Hunter’s previous text to his daughter, where he mentions paying for the entire family for 30 years, sheds even more light on this matter. From phone bills to home repairs, Hunter was footing the bill for Joe’s expenses.

Eric Schwerin played an integral role in Joe Biden’s financial and personal matters. He not only handled Joe’s taxes but also received Joe’s tax refund check to deposit into Hunter’s account. The close relationship between Schwerin and Joe extended beyond finances, as Schwerin was involved in book proposals and even received requests for hosting events at the Vice President’s residence. The Republicans have plenty of evidence to support their claims, and it’s time they move beyond talking and take action against this deep-rooted corruption.

It is about time that Joe Biden faces the consequences for his actions. The evidence has been there for years, and it is unacceptable that it has taken this long for accountability to be pursued. It is clear that Joe Biden cannot distance himself from Hunter’s shady business dealings when he was actively benefiting from them. The American people deserve justice, and it is up to the Republicans to ensure that it is served. Let’s stop the talk and start taking concrete steps towards ending this corruption.

Written by Staff Reports

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