Glenn Youngkin Shuns 2024 GOP Run, Deputy Earle-Sears Declares!

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s deputy, Lt. Gov. Winsome Earle-Sears, has made it clear that the governor is not currently planning a 2024 presidential bid. Instead, Youngkin is focused on building a majority in the Senate to advance his conservative agenda. Earle-Sears emphasized that Youngkin’s main priority is the upcoming 2023 election. She described Youngkin as a humble man, with only God knowing what his future plans may hold.

Despite Virginia’s Democratic leanings, Youngkin has managed to increase his approval rating and is now one of the most popular governors in years. He has been committed to fulfilling his education and tax promises and is eager for more accomplishments.

Earle-Sears discussed her working relationship with Youngkin in her autobiography, highlighting their unity as a rare team in Richmond. With the slim advantage held by Senate Democrats, Youngkin is campaigning to close the gap and achieve a 20-20 tie or better. Earle-Sears, serving as the Senate tie-breaker, sees reaching this goal as a victory. She emphasized the importance of changing the current Democrat-dominant Senate Appropriations Committee to a more balanced representation.

Recent polls have indicated that Youngkin could defeat President Biden in Virginia. While there has been speculation about Youngkin’s potential as a vice presidential nominee or as a strong contender in early caucus and primary states, the focus remains on serving the commonwealth. Earle-Sears humorously dismissed the idea of predicting what may happen in the future, stating that “Jesus could come by then,” suggesting that the future is unpredictable.

Earle-Sears expressed her positive working relationship with Youngkin and their commitment to fulfilling their campaign promises. She emphasized the need to distinguish themselves from “whoever else” and the responsibility they feel to uphold their commitments. They are working together as a team, including Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares, to carry out their charge and make a difference in Virginia.

Editorial Opinion:
It’s refreshing to see a governor like Youngkin prioritize his current position and focus on delivering results to the people of Virginia. While many politicians are quick to jump into national politics and seek higher office, Youngkin’s dedication to building a majority in the Senate shows a commitment to conservative values and the citizens of his state. It’s clear that Youngkin is focused on making a difference and pushing for meaningful change, rather than getting caught up in the allure of national politics. His popularity and success in a historically blue state like Virginia is a testament to his leadership and conservative principles. Youngkin is definitely a rising star to watch in the Republican Party.

Written by Staff Reports

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