2024 Primary Field ‘Petrified’ By Trump & DeSantis

There are currently no major candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis of Florida have made many potential candidates rethink their plans.

According to a report released by Politico, many prominent Republicans aren't planning on running for office in the upcoming primary season due to Donald Trump's presence. Although Trump is a formidable candidate due to his status as a former president and his popularity within the party, Ron DeSantis' rise as a conservative has created a challenge for other candidates.

Despite the early stages of the primary season, public polling shows that Ron DeSantis is doing well among the Republican voters. Several polls also indicated that he is polling higher than Trump.

According to the report, some Republican candidates are hoping that Trump and DeSantis will start focusing on each other so that they can hurt each other's campaigns. If this happens, an opportunity for a third party candidate to emerge could open up. For instance, if Nikki Haley suddenly decides to run for president, she could be a viable alternative to Trump.

Amy Walter, a political analyst, doesn't think that either Trump or DeSantis will be able to secure the nomination at this stage. She believes that Brian Kemp, the governor of Georgia, could be a serious threat to both of them.

The emergence of Kemp as a rising political figure was predicted by Walter after he was targeted by Trump in 2021. He then defeated Stacey Abrams, a well-funded Democratic candidate, by a huge margin.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on DAILY CALLER.

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