FBI Botching Biden Docs Probe – What’s Really Going On?

The controversy over Joe Biden's improper handling of classified documents is becoming more serious, with few credible defenses being made by his supporters. When similar allegations were made against Donald Trump, the Left demanded an indictment, despite the absence of legal basis. However, it has been discovered that Biden left classified documents in insecure places for many years, revealing that he does have the authority to declassify information.

Spencer Brown has been keeping a close eye on the situation, as it has been reported that the FBI conducted a search of the Penn Biden Center offices in mid-November and discovered classified documents, but never made a public statement. Additionally, the National Archives has indicated that they were instructed to conceal Biden's document controversy from the public.

Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington University Law School, is questioning the level of seriousness with which the Department of Justice is approaching this case. He thinks that Biden should have been subjected to a special counsel investigation, as this would have enabled the FBI, Biden's attorneys, and others to establish a chain of custody for these documents. Turley has pointed out that there is a significant amount of documents stored at the University of Delaware, and it is uncertain when the FBI will examine those records.

The FBI has recently declared the results of its latest search of one of Biden's homes to be "all clear," but Turley feels that they have taken a course of action that could undermine or complicate any potential criminal charges. The FBI delayed the search for several months and permitted private lawyers to examine the documents, leading to a chain of custody issue. Additionally, it is not known how the FBI carried out the searches, as reports suggest that Biden kept classified information in notebooks that were previously obtained during searches.

It appears that Biden is getting help from a corrupt federal law enforcement agency to cover up his document scandal. Even if this is not the case, Biden could still out-Trump Trump by pardoning himself if all else fails. With all of this in mind, it is clear that this story is far from over.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Townhall

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