50 Cent Slams NYC Mayor’s $53M Migrant Plan, Warms to Trump!

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has announced plans to allocate $53 million in food money directly to migrants in the city, and rapper 50 Cent is not happy about it. Taking to Instagram, the rapper expressed his confusion over the decision and suggested that it might be time to “board the Trump train.”

Under the program, a group of 500 migrants staying at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan will receive prepaid cards to be used for food or baby supplies. The migrants will be required to sign forms promising to only use the cards for these purposes. The amount on each card will vary depending on the size of the family and their income. A family of four could receive $1,000 a month, with the cards being refilled every 28 days.

While the city frames the program as a cost-saving measure, with the potential to cut the costs of feeding migrants by $600,000 per month, 50 Cent and others are raising concerns about the impact on the city’s resources. A New York Post editorial pointed out that the city is projected to spend $12 billion by the end of 2025 on the needs of its migrant population. It also highlighted the strain on the shelter system and the increase in homelessness.

50 Cent’s frustration with the situation mirrors the sentiments expressed by other celebrities during the 2020 election. Snoop Dogg, for example, said he had “love and respect” for former President Trump. This latest move by Mayor Adams has only added fuel to the fire and reinvigorated the debate about the city’s approach to handling migrants.

As the editorial board of the New York Post concluded, “only radical political change will end it.” The future of New York City and the handling of its migrant population are at stake, and there is growing concern that the current system is unsustainable.

Written by Staff Reports

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