Abbott Tackles School Choice, Border Safety, and Vax Mandates – Special Session!

Governor Gregg Abbott from Texas is once again showing his dedication to conservative ideas. He's calling for a special meeting of the state lawmakers, which is the third time he's done it this year. They'll discuss important issues before the regular session in 2024. One big focus of this meeting is providing education savings accounts for all Texas students. This means parents can choose where their kids go to school. It's about giving parents more say in their children's education instead of letting people in Washington decide.

Abbott also wants to deal with the border situation. He's proposing stricter penalties for human smuggling and building more barriers at the border. The aim is to improve border security and stop illegal activities.He is also looking into problems with the Colony Ridge development, which has had issues with illegal immigrants. He wants to prioritize the safety and property rights of Texans who follow the law.

Lastly, Abbott is against COVID-19 vaccine mandates from private employers. He wants to protect Texans' freedom to choose what happens to their bodies. It's good to see a leader who values personal choice and individual freedoms.

Governor Abbott's plan for the special meeting is about putting Texans first. He wants to make Texas a better place for everyone, and his conservative ideas will make a positive difference. It's great to see a leader who stands up for what they believe in and fights for the values that make Texas special.

Written by Staff Reports

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