Hillary Clinton Calls Patriotic MAGA Supporters ‘Extremists’ Needing ‘Deprogramming’

In a recent interview, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized “MAGA extremists” and suggested that they may need to undergo a “formal deprogramming.” Clinton slammed followers of former President Donald Trump, calling them a cult and stating that they take their marching orders from Trump, who she believes has no credibility left.

Clinton also commented on the Republican party, saying that although there are “sane” members, they are often intimidated by the extreme voices within their party. She pointed to the recent vote to keep the government open as evidence that there is a sensible faction within the GOP.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that Clinton would take jabs at Trump and his supporters. She still can’t seem to accept her loss in the 2016 election and continues to propagate the narrative that it was somehow illegitimate. Her calls for “deprogramming” MAGA supporters are not only absurd, but they also reveal her disdain for those who hold different political beliefs.

While Clinton may think she’s cleverly labeling Trump and his supporters as a cult, it’s clear that she is simply out of touch with the tens of millions of Americans who support the former president. These Americans will reject the Democrat Party’s attempt to force their re-education camp agenda on them. And as we’ve seen in recent polls, Trump is the front-runner in the Republican primary, with a significant lead over other candidates. It seems Clinton’s opinions are becoming more and more irrelevant with each passing day.

Written by Staff Reports

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