Alec Baldwin Facing BOMBSHELL New Lawsuit

A fresh legal action has been initiated against actor Alec Baldwin and the team behind the movie Rust, claiming that they neglected safety protocols that resulted in the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The lawsuit has been filed by three former crew members, Ross Addiego, Doran Curtin, and Reese Price, who are seeking compensatory and punitive damages for the injuries they suffered during the shooting. 

According to the lawsuit, Baldwin disregarded warning signs, and the film crew hurriedly completed the project, compromising on safety measures. The plaintiffs were on-site when the unfortunate incident took place at a church building in October 2021. Baldwin has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly firing the weapon while it was aimed at Hutchins and has pleaded not guilty.

Jacob G. Vigil, the attorney representing the three former crew members, emphasized that the careless and reckless behavior of Alec Baldwin and the Rust production team cannot be justified. In addition to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, the lawsuit alleges that the crew members experienced hearing loss, temporary deafness, and vibrational shock as a result of the incident. 

This unfortunate event serves as a stark reminder of how the entertainment industry often prioritizes profits over safety, and this incident is a clear demonstration of that. The fact that these crew members were exposed to danger and suffered physical and psychological trauma as a result of Baldwin’s irresponsible conduct is unacceptable.

It is also concerning that Alec Baldwin was initially facing a minimum five-year sentence if found guilty, but his legal team argued that he was charged under a firearms law that was not in effect at the time of the October 2021 shooting. As a result, if convicted, he may now only face a maximum of 18 months in prison. This punishment is far too lenient for someone who played a role in the tragic death of an innocent person.

The incident involving Halyna Hutchins serves as a grim reminder that the entertainment industry must prioritize safety. It is unacceptable that crew members are subjected to danger due to negligence and recklessness. Moreover, the possibility of Alec Baldwin facing only 18 months in prison if convicted is deeply troubling, considering that he was responsible for taking another person’s life. It is high time for Hollywood to take accountability for its actions and ensure that safety measures are adhered to at all times.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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