Liberal Media ‘Experts’ Proven Wrong Again

The liberal media and their so-called “experts” have been proven wrong time and time again, yet they still insist on pushing their leftist agenda as if it were fact. Take for example the recent train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. The White House and Transportation Secretary attempted to blame the previous administration for their own poor response to the disaster, but their excuse was quickly debunked by careful reporting from National Review and an expert within the Biden administration.

But that didn’t stop the Washington Post editorial board from echoing a bogus, belated, partisan Biden/Buttigieg attack line. Even though their own fact checker came to a different conclusion, the Post editors ran with the lie. This is just another example of the media’s willingness to push their own political agenda, regardless of the facts.

The same goes for Anne Applebaum, a staff writer for The Atlantic. She declared that Hunter Biden’s business relationships had nothing to do with who should be president, yet she was more than willing to discuss Donald Trump Jr.’s affairs. This blatant double standard is typical of the liberal media, who try to bestow credibility upon non-credible actors by labeling them as experts, whose views just so happen to align with their own.

The media’s citation of “experts” who are often hysterical partisans or have spotty records for accuracy only serves to undermine public faith in ‘fact checkers’ and ‘experts.’ It’s time for the liberal media to stop pushing their own political agenda and start presenting the facts in an unbiased way. Otherwise, they will continue to squander public faith and trust.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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