Alito Slams CO’s Bold Move to Block Trump From 2024 Ballot!

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito recently inquired about the potential consequences of a Colorado ruling that could exclude President Joe Biden from the state’s ballot in the upcoming election, suggesting that red states could similarly exclude Biden if the ruling is upheld. This ruling, which disqualified former President Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot in Colorado, was based on the state’s interpretation of the 14th Amendment, with the Colorado Supreme Court deeming that Trump’s involvement in the Capitol breach disqualified him from holding federal office.

The Amendment, passed in the wake of the Civil War, bars individuals who engaged in insurrection or supported the Confederacy from holding office. However, it’s important to note that Trump has not been charged with, much less convicted of, any crime related to insurrection.

During oral arguments, Alito posed a hypothetical scenario, questioning whether a president’s decision to provide funds to a country openly hostile to the United States could be deemed as providing “aid and comfort to the enemy” under the 14th Amendment. This reference was clearly a nod to Biden’s move to lift sanctions on Iran, a known sponsor of terrorism.

Chief Justice John Roberts also expressed reservations about the potential fallout from Colorado’s decision, suggesting that it could lead to disqualification proceedings against candidates from both parties in multiple states, ultimately leaving a handful of states to decide the presidential election.

The justices’ skepticism toward Colorado’s ability to disqualify Trump indicates that the Supreme Court is seriously considering the broader implications of this decision. This ruling could potentially open the floodgates for similar actions by blue states against Republican candidates, further politicizing the election process.

This case underscores the critical importance of the upcoming 2024 election, with high-stakes implications for the future of America. The battle for the soul of the nation is underway, and it is imperative that conservative voices unite to defend the values that America holds dear.

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Written by Staff Reports

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