Hur’s “Crafty” Report Shields Biden from Justice

In a stunning turn of events, special counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden’s possession of classified material has come under heavy scrutiny. Former deputy independent counsel Sol Wisenberg has now labeled the report as “crafty” and raised serious concerns about its decision not to charge Biden.

Wisenberg, speaking on Fox News, pointed out the inconsistencies in Hur’s report. While acknowledging that Biden had deliberately kept classified documents, Hur claimed that the president’s poor memory and sympathetic nature were the reasons for not pressing charges. Wisenberg astutely noted that this “crafty” approach was an attempt to protect Biden from facing the consequences of his actions.

It is clear that the special counsel’s office is trying to have it both ways. On one hand, they admit that Biden knowingly violated the law by willfully retaining classified documents. However, they argue that his mental capacity and sympathetic demeanor would make it difficult to prove his state of mind beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a convenient way of avoiding the hard truth and allowing Biden to escape accountability.

Furthermore, Wisenberg highlighted the fact that Biden’s attorneys conveniently avoided providing any details of Hur’s report. It is no surprise that they chose to downplay its contents, as a more thorough examination would expose the devastating evidence of Biden’s declining mental state. This raises even more concerns about his fitness to serve as president.

Biden’s age and mental fitness have been a subject of intense scrutiny, and rightfully so. His numerous gaffes and memory lapses have raised serious questions about his ability to carry out the duties of the highest office in the land. From falsely claiming to have spoken to deceased world leaders to repeatedly stumbling and falling, it is clear that Biden is not as mentally sharp as he once was.

The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders. The fact that Biden’s possession of classified material has been handled so delicately is a disservice to the principles of justice and accountability. It is yet another example of how the liberal establishment is willing to protect their own at the expense of the truth.

In conclusion, the decision not to charge President Biden over his possession of classified material is deeply concerning. The crafty tactics employed by special counsel Robert Hur and the deliberate avoidance of addressing Biden’s declining mental state only further highlight the need for a thorough investigation. The American people deserve a president who is mentally capable and accountable for his actions, regardless of his political affiliation.

Written by Staff Reports

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