An Ex-Trump Aide Is Now a Token ‘Conservative’ on a Liberal Talk Show

Another member of Trump's White House team is cashing in on their old position.

Ex-Trump administration employees have been rising from the depths of hell ever since the president left Washington, D.C., in search of new employment and the appearance of respectability. They have no trouble publicly denouncing their former leader while profiting from their work in Trump's government.

As it turns out, many of the former staff members eager to sell their souls were instrumental in the demise of the Former President, which was largely based on the pandemic narrative he had been spreading.

Many people believe that Trump's decision to address the platform every day as the virus approached American shores in 2020 was a major factor in his ultimate defeat.

Trump's regular briefings with reporters who sought to secure the President's demise have been the subject of intense retrospective dispute among Trump staffers.

The former Trump administration employee Alyssa Farah Griffin was instrumental in bringing about this mess.

Since then, she's taken a position on The View as a co-host, taking Meghan McCain's place as the show's lone conservative panelist.

Griffin, 33, was in the thick of things as the White House's director of strategic communications during the height of the China Virus pandemic when she worked for President Trump.

Sources say that beginning in September, she will co-host the show every morning alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin.

Many speculate that ABC may change course in light of the massive response they've received and delay the announcement until Thursday.

A representative from ABC told reporters on Monday, "Stay tuned."

According to insiders, Griffin and ABC are close to finalizing a deal but haven't quite gotten there yet.

However, reports of Griffin's employment have sparked a new wave of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Already, famous people are expressing their displeasure at the prospect of Griffin being a permanent co-host on the View, citing her close relationship to Trump as the primary reason for their potential decision to stop tuning in.

Having the far-left comedian Wanda Sykes on the panel was enough to have the network back out of having her.

We'll lose bookings in addition to the time she takes off for her appointment. A source said that Wanda Sykes dropped out because she didn't want to appear on the show with her. And Sykes apparently isn't alone in her view; a study says as much.

Multiple people have voiced their uncertainty and disapproval with the decision. When I found out she was the one chosen, I couldn't believe it. A source familiar with the talks reportedly told the Daily Mail, "It makes no sense."

It has been claimed that Griffin's co-hosts share his displeasure with the decision. The same source said that leftist cost Joy Behar is particularly dissatisfied with the choice because she doesn't believe Griffin is "authentic and changes her opinions based on who her paymaster is."

To be honest, this might be the only time we've ever agreed with Joe Behar!

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