Another Twitter Ban is Overturned by Musk… Project Veritas is Now Active Again.

After Elon Musk lifted the ban on several prominent users, including Donald Trump, Kathy Griffin, and Jordan B. Peterson, Project Veritas was reinstated on Twitter on Sunday.

Founded by James O'Keefe, Project Veritas is an investigative news outlet that aims to gather information about various industries, such as politics, education, and tech. Since its inception, the outlet has been criticized for its content. However, none of their reports have been found to be fake.

In Connecticut, for instance, they investigated the state's education system. They discovered that an English teacher fantasized about his pupils and in another report they discovered how one school openly discriminated against candidates with conservative views during hiring processes.

In 2021, Project Veritas was suspended after they released a video that showed Guy Rosen, a Facebook vice president, acknowledging that the platform sometimes freezes the comment sections of posts that it suspects are being used for hate speech.

Through its investigations, Project Veritas has exposed CNN, Facebook, and Twitter. .

Over the weekend, ALX, a user, and Tim Pool, a podcast host, urged Elon Musk to remove Project Veritas from Twitter.

And Musk responded Sunday with the reactivation of the account.

Written by Staff Reports

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