How The New Republican House Can STOP Biden’s Green Agenda

The Republicans' takeover of the House of Representatives could delay President Joe Biden's plans to promote the use of electric cars in the country.

The goal of the administration to have half of new vehicles sold using plug-in hybrid or electric cars be made by 2030 is a major target for the Republicans. The Democrats, on the other hand, will retain control of the Senate for two more years.

As indicated by Sam Graves, the incoming chairman of the House Transportation Committee, the efforts of Biden and the Democrats are considered heavy-handed.

The White House and the Senate Democrats will resist any efforts to reduce or eliminate the funding for the electric vehicle program, which is a vital part of Biden's climate agenda.

The Republicans are expected to prevent the administration from expanding the eligibility of the tax credit for the purchase of electric cars. The credit was modified in August but still prevented vehicles made outside the US.

Under the Democrats' control, the Senate approved a five-year grant program that will provide grants to states for the construction of electric vehicle charging facilities. Biden also wants to install 500,000 additional charging stations by 2030.

Despite the opposition from the Democrats, many Republicans are still not against the use of electric cars. They are committed to increasing the production of key electric vehicle batteries in the country. One of the Republican measures that they are expected to support is the reduction of the mine permitting time for electric cars.

In addition, incoming House Republican chairman Cathy McMorris Rodgers said last month that the party would look into the implementation of the Energy Department's loan programs. She and other members of the committee warned of potential fraud and waste.

The Democrats in Congress have allocated more than $100 billion for the Energy Department's various programs, including those related to electricity, efficiency, and energy. The agency also received new loan guarantee authorities totaling around $350 billion.

In addition, Rodgers referred to the program as "Solyndra on steroids." This was a reference to a solar panel manufacturer that got a $535 million loan guarantee from the Energy Department before it filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

Another issue that the Republicans are expected to fight is the EPA's plan to impose stricter vehicle emissions rules. These rules are expected to be issued by March.

The EPA finalized new vehicle emission requirements in December 2021. These rules were aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making the country shift toward more electric cars.

According to Graves, the lack of an electric grid is one of the factors that prevents the US from becoming a leader in the development of electric cars. He also criticized the administration's focus on increasing public transportation funding instead of cars.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Newsmax.

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