As Expected, Biden’s Comeback Totally Bombs

Have you not been informed? Joe Biden is mounting a campaign for reelection. At least, that's how the mainstream liberal media has been portraying themselves as of late. This is the most cutting-edge method now available for boosting the president's approval rating.

It seems to be working to some extent. The percentage of those who approve of him has increased slightly. Regrettably, this still places him in the low 40s, which indicates that he is not doing the bang-up job that the majority of Democratic supporters expected he was capable of when they voted for him. He is not doing well in the 40s.

And the vast majority of it is founded on lies. You have to realize that everything hinges on the so-called "string of wins" that CNN has been crowing about. You are probably aware of such measures as the Inflation Reduction Act, which led to decreased petrol costs and the forgiveness of certain student loan debt. But should we truly count those as victories?

Inflation has not been brought under control by the Inflation Reduction Act as of yet. And if it brings the country to its knees and plunges it into a recession, then that's not really a smart choice, is it? In addition, several Democrats, including Bernie Sanders, are of the opinion that the proposed legislation would MAKE the issue worse worse.

In addition, the cancellation of student debts in the amount of $10,000, as well as the extension of the deadline for loan repayment to the end of December, is a move that many people dispute as being a good one. It is possible that as a result of the "income" that many people got, they will be subject to additional tax obligations when they submit their state income taxes in April. A portion of the borrowers' student loan debt will be discharged by the federal government, but only if they have an annual income of less than $125,000. This makes the plan an exceedingly unfair one.

Is Joe Biden, in all seriousness, attempting to take credit for the recent drop in the price of gasoline? It was all because of him that their price shot up to more than $4 in the first place. He denied under oath that he was in any way responsible for the increase in the cost of gasoline. And yet, he still desires the credit after the cards are dealt? My apologies, Joe. That is not how it works at all.

It's possible that CNN wants to make a big deal of Joe Biden's recent streak of victories, but all this really is is a ploy to get Americans to feel that things are getting better.

Even among those who identify themselves as independent, his popularity rating is only at 26.7%, according to a study conducted by YouGov.

Even while he may have the support of Democrats, there are an increasing number of Independents. People are reluctant to publicly declare their allegiance to either political party. Instead, people focus on the issues and make their decision about who the best candidate is according to those. And considering that the mess that we're in right now is a direct result of the Democratic party's chant of "vote blue no matter who," it's not a bad idea considering that.

Joe Biden: Independents
Approve 26.7%
Disapprove 64.1%

It is difficult to believe the claims made by the leftist media when 64.1% of independent voters indicate that they disapprove of the job that Joe Biden is doing as vice president. There is just no way that Joe Biden will run for president again.

Oh, and it's possible that the situation is even more dire now given that the YouGov poll was conducted before Joe Biden gave his repulsive speech last Thursday. His address was possibly the most contentious that has ever been delivered by a sitting president, despite the fact that he claims to be all about unity. It would appear that making America great once again is a negative thing to do. In his opinion, Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that challenges the very foundation of our Republic, and he made this observation.

That kind of rhetoric is not going to assist Biden in the least. Particularly when he continues by saying that MAGA Republicans… welcome rage. They need anarchy to survive. They don't live in the light of the truth; rather, they dwell in the darkness of lies.

Wow. Without a doubt, Joe Biden is the one who is lying, but he is only lying to himself. In the meantime, the Democratic crowds are the ones displaying the most anger. However, we are expected to disregard all of that and blindly believe anything that the fumbling moron in the Oval Office says simply because he is in that position.

It's fine with me if members of the left media want to believe that Joe Biden is mounting a comeback. We will hold off making any decisions until the light of reality reveals that his numbers haven't even reached their lowest point yet.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on News Sloth.

Written by Staff Reports

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