Biden Animal Comparisons flood NYT, Truth Hurts!

President Joe Biden has been compared to various animals by readers of The New York Times, and the responses are not flattering. The descriptions range from a dinosaur to a hippopotamus to a sloth, all reflecting Biden’s forgetfulness and lack of vigor. One independent from Illinois compared him to a camel, “The way he talks, I see the camel’s mouth moving.” Another independent from New Hampshire likened him to a meerkat, saying that whenever it’s nice out, Biden’s head is up, but as soon as something goes wrong, he disappears. A Democrat from Delaware compared him to a violent and dangerous hippopotamus, emphasizing Biden’s old ways of doing things that may not be the best course of action.

Another reader compared Biden to a snail, highlighting his lack of attention span, while another compared him to a goldfish, noting his inability to focus on anything. These descriptions reflect the reality of Biden’s presidency, where he often forgets where he is and who he is talking to, wandering aimlessly until someone points him in the right direction. One respondent even compared him to a sloth, saying, “He’s been caught so many times on camera with just mumbo jumbo coming out of his mouth.” To make matters worse for Biden, a graphic published by a liberal outlet found that not a single reader believes he shares any shared values or considers him a strong leader.

These comparisons come as no surprise, as a recent FiveThirtyEight poll shows that 54.4 percent of voters disapprove of Biden’s job as president, while his approval rating remains underwater. It is clear that the American people are not impressed with the leadership and forgetfulness displayed by President Biden.

Written by Staff Reports

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