Biden Blindsided: Blue City NFL Fans Unleash Brutal Feedback!

Even football fans in blue cities are fed up with President Joe Biden, as demonstrated at the tailgating event before the AFC championship game in Baltimore. When asked about their thoughts on the president, fans of the Baltimore Ravens did not hold back. One of the main reasons cited was the skyrocketing gas prices, which are putting a strain on people’s wallets. The state of the economy was another concern, with fans expressing their dissatisfaction with the current situation. One fan even compared the southern border to the Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive line, describing it as wide open.

In addition to their grievances, the fans had some harsh advice for President Biden. One woman suggested that it was time for him to retire, while another advised him to avoid stairs, referencing his past falls. The comments made by these fans highlight the growing frustration towards Biden’s actions and policies.

Despite Baltimore being a deep-blue city, these fans are not afraid to express their disdain for Biden. They can see through his facade and recognize the negative impact his decisions and policies have had on the country. Even those who are not typically involved in politics joke about his nickname “Sleepy Joe” and question his mental fitness.

These fans are not blind to the worsening economic situation since Biden took office. Gas prices have consistently been above $3 per gallon, compared to the average of below $3 per gallon during President Trump’s administration. GDP growth has slowed, and inflation has increased, leading to higher costs for families. These everyday struggles are what will ultimately influence these fans’ votes in future elections.

The article concludes with a note from the deputy managing editor, emphasizing the importance of the 2024 election and the need for support in fighting against the leftists and elites who could potentially deny a fair election. It urges readers to unite and stand up for their country to prevent its loss.


Written by Staff Reports

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Biden Blindsided: Blue City NFL Fans Unleash Brutal Feedback!