Trump Fuels Texas Turmoil, Backs Mighty Challenger Against ‘Weak RINO’!

In a bold move, former President Donald Trump has announced his endorsement of David Covey for the position of Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. Taking to his brand-new social media platform, Truth Social, Trump expressed his support for Covey’s candidacy in a characteristic Trumpian fashion.

According to Trump, Covey is a true America First Conservative who will prioritize various key issues such as securing the border, restoring election integrity, protecting families and military/veterans, and defending our Second Amendment rights. Trump’s endorsement of Covey comes in direct opposition to the current Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, Dade Phelan.

Trump’s objection to Phelan stems from the latter’s role in the fraudulent impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Although Phelan had previously pledged his support for Trump, the former President states that he cannot forgive Phelan’s actions in attempting to oust Paxton, who was re-elected Attorney General in a landslide victory.

This is not the first time that Trump has criticized Phelan. In 2021, Trump slammed Phelan’s leadership in the State House, describing it as weak and typical of a RINO (Republican In Name Only). Phelan, on the other hand, has reiterated his support for Trump, claiming to have voted for him twice and intending to vote for him a third time.

Trump, however, remains unimpressed with Phelan’s statements, believing that they do not absolve him of his past deeds. In Trump’s opinion, Phelan’s actions have been an “absolute embarrassment,” not only for the state of Texas but also for the Republican Party. As a result, Trump offers his complete and total endorsement to Covey for the 21st State House District, assuring voters that Covey will never let them down.

The impeachment trial of Ken Paxton was based on allegations of various crimes and abuses of office, including accepting bribes and misapplying public resources. Paxton was suspended by the Texas House of Representatives in May of last year, but was ultimately acquitted by the Texas Senate on all charges. Paxton, for his part, condemned the impeachment as a sham and accused the Biden administration, along with Phelan, of weaponizing the process to settle political differences.

The endorsement of David Covey by Trump adds another layer of intrigue to an already heated political landscape in Texas. With both sides vying for voters’ support, it remains to be seen who will emerge victorious in this battle for the speaker position in the Texas House of Representatives.

Written by Staff Reports

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