Biden BUSTED Lying Over His Knowledge of the FBI Trump Raid?

In a media briefing, President Joe Biden insisted that he had "zero advance notice" of the FBI raid that took place at Mar-a-Lago earlier this month.

The question regarding Biden's response was posed by Peter Doocy, a reporter for Fox News.

Biden said that he had not been provided with any prior notification.

Zero.Not one single iota," Biden said, emphasizing his point by forming the number zero with his thumb and fingers.

However, it has recently come to light through a number of different news outlets that Biden's White House initiated a criminal investigation into the alleged improper handling of documents long before it claimed to have no prior knowledge of the raid on Trump's estate, working directly with the Justice Department and the National Archives.

Last week, President Trump initiated legal action in response to the raid.
A request has been made to US District Judge Aileen Cannon, whom President Trump appointed to the bench in 2020, requesting that she appoint a special master to oversee an FBI audit of the materials that were taken during the raid.

In addition to this, he requested that the court order the FBI to return any papers that were collected that were not within the scope of the warrant.

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