Biden Challenger’s ‘Foaming Rage’ Leaves Staffers Traumatized

Former employees of Marianne Williamson, a 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate and author renowned for her works on love and healing, have alleged that she was an oppressive and harsh boss. As per a report by Politico, 12 ex-staff members have spoken out about her unpredictable and intense outbursts of anger, which included her allegedly yelling so loudly that hotel staff had to check on her room multiple times, and her exhibiting behavior that was described as "foaming, spitting, uncontrollable rage."

According to the same group of former staffers, Williamson would not hesitate to throw her cell phone at team members and once hit a car door with enough force to necessitate immediate medical attention. Additionally, she was reported to have an excessive focus on the physical appearance of her staff, with some employees allegedly being criticized for their weight.

Former staffers also disclosed that Williamson demanded them to sign a rigorous nondisclosure agreement to prevent them from disclosing details to the media about how she managed her campaign. One ex-staffer told Politico that the underlying message was "don't mess with me because I have the power to make your life a complete misery." As a result, no one dared to challenge her authority.

In her response to the accusations made against her, Williamson used email as a medium to convey her views to Politico. She referred to the allegations as defamatory and without merit, stating that they were "categorically untrue." Furthermore, Williamson dismissed several of the allegations leveled against her, including claims that she threw her phone at her former staff members and ridiculed employees for being overweight.

It is no surprise that Williamson has been accused of such tyrannical behavior considering her current political views. She is a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders and his socialist agenda, which is antithetical to the values of conservative Republicans. Her views on government control and regulation are far too extreme for most conservatives, and it appears that she has brought this same authoritarian attitude to her campaign staff.

Williamson may claim to be an advocate for love and healing, but it is clear that she is not an advocate for the rights of her own employees. Her tyrannical behavior is unacceptable and should not be tolerated in any workplace. It is time for Williamson to take responsibility for her actions and apologize to her former staffers for the trauma they experienced while working on her campaign.

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