DOJ Watchdog Dismisses Dems’ Whistleblower Claims Against FBI

A letter from the DOJ Assistant Inspector General Sean O'Neill was recently released by the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (DOJ-OIG), which disputes the allegations made by House Democrats regarding former FBI Special Agent Steve Friend and a whistleblower. This letter was sent to Empower Oversight, a non-profit organization that assists whistleblowers in documenting and reporting corruption, on March 13th in response to a letter from the organization's President, Tristan Leavitt, on March 6th. Leavitt's letter aimed to verify that Friend's claims had not been dismissed.

In early March, House Judiciary Democrats published a 316-page report questioning the reliability of whistleblowers who provided recorded interviews to the House Judiciary Committee. The report claimed, among other things, that the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (DOJ-OIG) and the Office of Special Counsel had dismissed Steve Friend's claim. However, O'Neill's letter contradicts this assertion and assures the committee that Friend's claim is still being evaluated.

According to his whistleblower complaint, Steve Friend claimed that the FBI was breaching due process by disregarding established case management procedures in their investigations of the January 6th events, and employing aggressive arrest techniques, such as utilizing SWAT teams, on individuals who were cooperative with the investigations. After bringing his concerns to the attention of his FBI superiors, Friend purportedly had his security clearance revoked and was put on unpaid leave.

In the letter by O'Neill, it is stated that "As we informed your organization in early February, we are keen on interviewing Mr. Friend regarding his allegations, which are still being evaluated by our department. We will contact you shortly to arrange an interview."

The revelation is a source of comfort for both Friend and conservatives, as it appears that the House Judiciary Committee's Democrats aimed to undermine Friend and his accusations to safeguard their political agenda. It is worrying that the Democrats shared a report that contained misrepresentations and selectively edited parts of Friend's statement. This only strengthens the notion that Democrats are willing to take extreme measures to safeguard their interests, even if it necessitates spreading inaccurate information and deceiving the public.

It is encouraging to see that the DOJ-OIG is taking Friend’s claims seriously and is willing to investigate them further. This is a testament to the integrity of the DOJ-OIG and its commitment to upholding justice and protecting whistleblowers. It is also a victory for conservatives who have been fighting for justice and accountability in the wake of the January 6th Capitol attack.

Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan has been leading the charge in investigating alleged political bias in the FBI and DOJ. Jordan has been a vocal advocate for Friend and other whistleblowers who have come forward with allegations of misconduct and abuse of power within the FBI and DOJ. Jordan’s efforts have been instrumental in bringing attention to this issue and ensuring that justice is served.

The letter from O’Neill confirms what conservatives have been saying all along: that Friend’s claims are valid and should be taken seriously. It is a shame that Democrats have been so quick to dismiss Friend’s claims without properly investigating them first. This only serves to further prove that Democrats are more interested in protecting their own political interests than they are in upholding justice and protecting whistleblowers.

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