Biden chooses Kamala and a Chavez for 2024 sqaud

President Joe Biden, in a move that surprised no one, announced in his pajamas that he would be running for re-election in 2024. Despite his plummeting approval rating and catastrophic handling of the economy and foreign affairs, Biden seems confident that he has what it takes to win another term. To this effect, he has chosen his campaign managers for the future Zoom rallies and ice cream shop tours.

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the director of the Intergovernmental Affairs Office and one of Biden’s senior advisers, will be the campaign manager. Although she has never run a campaign before, her close ties to Biden and his staff make her the ideal choice. Also, her grandfather happens to be Cesar Chavez, which apparently counts for something in today’s Democratic Party. Quentin Fulks, who managed Raphael Warnock’s disastrous 2022 Georgia Senate campaign, will be the deputy campaign manager.

Despite the widespread belief that Kamala Harris would be dropped from the ticket, Biden seems to have stuck by her side. At the very least, she remains the vice president on the 2024 ticket. Unfortunately for Biden, it seems that even Democrats are not thrilled with his choice, as Harris is reportedly even less liked than he is.

Biden’s approval rating, which plummeted to a measly 41% last week, does not bode well for his campaign. However, he remains confident in his team, saying that they will bring their knowledge and energy to the campaign. Of course, it helps that Biden’s opponent will likely be Donald Trump, who has been sorely missed by the media and the Democratic Party.

It is truly a sad state of affairs when the best that the Democrats have to offer is a nearly brain-dead vegetable running against a complete jerk. Republicans should be rallying behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who would make a much better candidate than Trump. If the two worst possible candidates actually end up facing off again in 2024, it will be a sign that our country deserves the bad leadership it gets.

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