Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon Hire Same Lawyer: Legal Action Against Networks Looming?

Two well-known cable news hosts, Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon, have both acquired the services of a prominent attorney, Bryan Freedman, to guide them in navigating their recent departures from their respective networks. Carlson, who was Fox’s top-rated prime time host, and Lemon, who hosted a popular morning show on CNN, were both let go from their positions.

Their decision to hire the same lawyer raises some questions about what legal trouble they might have in store for their former employers. Freedman is an American attorney and entertainment litigator who specializes in representing actors, directors, producers, and production companies. He is known for being aggressive and tenacious, which might give insight into what Carlson and Lemon are planning.

This is not Freedman’s first time representing high-profile individuals. He has previously represented Gabrielle Union, Terry Crews, Ellen DeGeneres, Gretchen Carlson, and even actor Armie Hammer in a sexual assault lawsuit. Freedman has also dealt with defamation, privacy, and other common entertainment industry issues.

Freedman’s legal skills aren’t the only reason Carlson and Lemon sought his services, as he’s also experienced in producing and developing TV and film projects. However, since both Carlson and Lemon hired him in the aftermath of their firings, it suggests that they may be seeking legal action against their former networks.

It’s well-known that individuals who are fired from their jobs often seek legal counsel to ensure that their rights and interests are protected, especially when it comes to high-profile cases that involve exorbitant contracts and public scrutiny. The fact that both Carlson and Lemon hired the same high-powered lawyer indicates that they’re ready to take their stand and fight relentlessly. Republican viewers are looking forward to the outcome of this potential legal battle.

Source: Trending Politics

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