Biden Desperate To Restore Image, Announces Next ‘Late Night’ Appearance

The window of opportunity for Biden to rehabilitate his public image is rapidly closing, as the majority of the public has already determined that Sleepy Joe is the worst president this country has “elected” in a long time.

A rising majority is also aware that Biden was not elected, but was planted in the White House as part of an election rigging plot to permanently remove Donald Trump from office. The protests that erupted on January 6, 2021, were just one part of their grand strategy to blame Trump for an alleged insurgency that he had nothing to do with.

It has now been established that FBI agents were present among the enraged Trump supporters and, in collaboration with Capitol Police, incited the gathering to enter the Capitol building.

Despite this, Joe Biden has worse approval ratings than Donald Trump at any point in his presidency. According to reports, this is a huge source of contention for Biden, and he’s doing everything he can to win over more Americans.

President Joe Biden’s record-breaking absence from media interviews is expected to end this Wednesday, when he appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jimmy Kimmel, a comedian and talk show presenter, tweeted that Biden will be his guest this week, when the president makes his first in-studio late-night talk show visit since taking office.

Even Kimmel’s use of the phrase “very elected” to dismiss the very real and confirmed charges of 2020 election fraud is another proof of how much water these late-night ‘comedians’ carry for the Democrat Party.

On May 20, Biden accomplished something unprecedented in presidential history: he went 100 days without giving a sit-down interview to the media.

The president was last interviewed by the press on February 10, when NBC’s Lester Holt interviewed him ahead of Super Bowl LVI. Biden has only given press briefings and responded to questions from specific journalists since then.

The talk show recording will take place in Los Angeles in connection with Biden’s visit to the state for the Summit of the Americas.

We can’t wait to hear the ridiculous s*** that Biden is sure to spew!

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