Biden Desperately Triying to Salvage Kamala’s Reputation Amid Dismal Approval Ratings

The Biden administration is in full panic mode as they attempt to salvage the floundering Vice President Kamala Harris, ahead of the President’s reelection announcement. Despite her dismal poll numbers, President Biden repeatedly reaffirms Harris as his running mate, banking on her being a critical component of a potential second presidential term.

Biden’s reelection video prominently features Harris, displaying the administration’s heavy reliance on her. His newest campaign website also depicts Harris walking alongside the President, trying to convince voters of her competence and significance.

To bolster her image, Senior West Wing official Anita Dunn has assigned Harris to handle critical issues such as migration and abortion as she struggles to find her own footing in the administration. However, it remains to be seen whether this strategy will be successful or not.

Further, the Vice President has faced criticism from the media for her lack of competency and found limited support from her fellow Democrats. These factors combined with her incredibly low polling numbers suggest that the administration’s attempts to prop up Harris may be futile.

Moreover, President Biden has distanced himself from Harris throughout his presidency, with fewer events and private lunches alongside the vice president. The President pledged to have lunch with Harris at least once a week, which he has failed to deliver on. In 2023, for instance, he has only had lunch with Harris six times so far. This nonchalance, coupled with Harris’s inadequacies, may lead to a bumpy reelection campaign for the current administration.

In conclusion, the Biden administration’s attempts to bolster Vice President Harris’s image is akin to patching a sinking ship. The electorate is highly perceptive, and it will undoubtedly see through this smoke and mirrors game. With Harris’s incompetence and low polling numbers, the Biden administration’s desperation to boost her image reeks of desperation, and their reelection campaign may indeed sink like a stone.

Written by Staff Reports

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