Ted Cruz Calls Out Children’s Hospital For “Gender Transitioning” 8-Year-Olds

Republican senators and representatives Ted Cruz and Chip Roy have written a letter to the Dell Children’s Medical Center in Texas urging the hospital to explain claims that they “transition” children as young as eight and nine years old. The Daily Caller obtained a copy of the letter, in which the lawmakers demanded answers to a series of allegations regarding gender changes being performed on minors at the Austin hospital. In early April, investigative journalism group Project Veritas released a video that appears to show Nora Scott, a licensed social worker at Dell Children’s Medical Center, admitting to treating patients under the age of 10 using gender transition procedures. Cruz has called these procedures “junk science” and warned that “there is no place in Texas or the United States for medically experimenting on children”.

The lawmakers argue that numerous studies have shown virtually all children eventually grow out of gender confusion and that these procedures have been heavily restricted in countries such as Sweden, Finland and the UK. They insist that experimental procedures intended to change one’s biological sex rather than accepting the reality of one’s biological sex are dangerous in the long term and turn innocent children into victims. Cruz states that these procedures cause permanent damage and disfigurement to children, leaving them infertile and at war with their own bodies. The letter demands answers regarding what allegedly takes place at the Dell Children’s Medical Center.

As the conservative group argues, parents are often given “specious talking points” about how their children will harm themselves if they do not transition, when in fact, the opposite is true. With these claims in mind, the lawmakers insist that the leaders at the Dell Children’s Medical Center owe Texans answers, and must provide prompt responses to their letter. The hospital has not yet responded to the letter, though the lawmakers have called for an end to experimentation on children in the US.

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