Biden EPA Tightens Noose On Midwest Factories, Power Plants

The Biden administration has recently introduced a controversial rule known as the “Good Neighbor Plan” that is set to impact 23 states, primarily in the Midwest, by obligating a 50% cut in nitrogen oxide emissions by 2027. This plan has been met with criticism from Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, who believes that the “top-down” regulations will hinder energy and manufacturing in the state. On the other hand, Democratic Senator Tom Carper of Delaware believes that the rule will benefit his state, which he claims is at the end of “America’s tailpipe”.

The EPA claims that this rule will generate $13 billion in annual economic benefits, protect sensitive environments, and prevent roughly 1,3000 premature deaths. However, companies are expected to pay roughly $910 million per year in compliance costs. While this may be beneficial for some states, it is important to consider the impact that this rule could have on states like Arkansas. It is concerning that the Biden administration is pushing through a rule that could potentially hurt the economy of certain states without taking into account the potential consequences.

The EPA also claims that this rule will help improve air quality and public health in impacted communities across the United States. However, it is worth noting that the EPA rejected Arkansas’ proposed plan to meet its obligations under the Clean Air Act, citing potential harm to Dallas-Forth Worth and Houston metropolitan areas. This raises questions about the EPA’s true intentions and whether or not they are truly interested in improving air quality and public health or simply imposing their own regulations on states.

The Good Neighbor Plan is yet another example of the Biden administration’s overreaching and partisan agenda. This rule will likely have a negative impact on many states, particularly those in the Midwest, while providing little to no benefit to others. It is important for citizens to be aware of the consequences of this rule and to voice their concerns to their elected officials. The Biden administration should not be allowed to impose their own regulations on states without considering the potential consequences.

Written by Staff Reports

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