Biden Flirts with Danger, Joins TikTok Amid Spy Fears

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign has made a shocking decision to join TikTok, despite previously expressing concerns about the app’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party. The Biden administration has even banned TikTok from federal devices due to national security risks. It seems like a bizarre move for the President to legitimize a platform that poses such a threat to America’s safety.

Experts and lawmakers are rightfully criticizing the Biden campaign’s decision. They argue that TikTok is a potential tool for spying and malign influence operations by the CCP. Even members of the Biden administration’s own national security officials have warned against the use of TikTok. It truly boggles the mind that the Biden campaign would embrace such a platform despite these warnings.

In fact, during his 2020 campaign, Biden himself expressed genuine concern about TikTok. It is unclear why he has now changed his stance and decided to join the app. FBI Director Chris Wray has called TikTok a national security threat, and Biden signed a law banning TikTok from federal devices just last year. It seems hypocritical for Biden to now turn a blind eye to the risks associated with this platform.

The Chinese company ByteDance still owns TikTok, and concerns about user privacy violations have not been resolved. Despite attempts by ByteDance to address these concerns, internal memos reveal that TikTok employees are still bypassing authorized channels to send user data back to China. It is clear that the Biden administration’s negotiation with TikTok has not yielded the desired results in protecting American data.

Not only is the Biden administration failing to tackle the national security risks posed by TikTok, but the company itself is also ramping up its influence and lobbying efforts in Washington. ByteDance spent millions on lobbying Congress and the federal government, and even hired a top Democratic consulting firm with close ties to the Biden administration. The revolving door between TikTok and the Biden camp is concerning and raises questions about potential conflicts of interest.

It is disappointing that the Biden administration has decided to join TikTok, despite the clear warnings and risks associated with the platform. This decision undermines the administration’s promises to prioritize national security and protect American interests. It is essential that Biden takes a stronger stance against TikTok and works to address the threats it poses, rather than legitimizing it with his campaign’s participation. America’s safety should not be compromised for the sake of social media popularity.

Written by Staff Reports

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