Biden’s TikTok Hypocrisy: Banned for Feds, A-OK for Votes?

The Biden campaign is at it again, folks! President Joe Biden’s re-election team is shamelessly trying to attract younger voters by jumping onto TikTok, the Chinese-owned social media platform. This move comes after Biden himself signed legislation banning federal workers from using TikTok on government devices. The White House even issued guidance acknowledging the risks TikTok poses to sensitive government data. But hey, why not use it for the campaign, right? Double standards, anyone?

And get this: the campaign initially decided NOT to have a TikTok account, relying on influencers instead. But now, they’ve done a complete 180, launching a TikTok account with just three posts. The campaign advisers claim they’re just meeting voters where they are and creating content to resonate with the president’s diverse coalition. Yeah, right. We all know this is just a desperate attempt to revive a sinking campaign.

Oh, and did you hear their excuse for using TikTok despite the security concerns? They claim they’re taking advanced safety precautions and incorporating a sophisticated security protocol. Yeah, like we’re supposed to believe that! This is the same White House that couldn’t locate classified documents and had a mysterious cocaine incident. And now they’re talking about sophisticated security protocols? Give us a break!

But the cherry on top of this hypocrisy sundae is that Biden signed the legislation banning TikTok from government devices, so clearly, he thought it was dangerous enough for that. So why the sudden change of heart, Mr. President? Could it be because TikTok is effective at mobilizing young voters, and it’s filled with progressive ideologies? In a desperate attempt to appear hip with the kids, 81-year-old Biden is stumbling into TikTok territory, hoping to gain some youth appeal. But let’s face it, his awkward videos are not going to distract voters from the fact that he’s in no position to run the country.

TikTok may be a left-wing indoctrination farm, but the Biden campaign’s attempts to appear cool and trendy aren’t fooling anyone. It’s just another example of the blatant hypocrisy that the current White House has been engaging in from day one. But hey, at least there’s hope to fight back against the lying leftist media and the corrupt America-hating elites. This 2024 election is crucial, and together, we can expose corruption and bring much-needed truth to millions of Americans. We need to unite and fight for our country, so stand with us today!

Written by Staff Reports

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Biden Flirts with Danger, Joins TikTok Amid Spy Fears