Biden Funds AI Censorship Machine with Your Cash!

In a stunning revelation, it has been uncovered that President Joe Biden’s administration was considering hiding their efforts to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on research to combat online “misinformation.” That’s right, folks, your hard-earned money is being used to fund a propaganda machine that aims to silence certain viewpoints and promote others. The House Judiciary Committee published a report exposing the administration’s plans after the Daily Caller News Foundation’s investigation brought it to light.

Under the guise of combating “misinformation,” Biden’s National Science Foundation (NSF) received a whopping $38.8 million for research initiatives since his inauguration. But that wasn’t enough for them. They awarded even more grants to suppress and control information online. They have been working on developing artificial intelligence-powered censorship tools that can be used by the government and Big Tech to shape public opinion. It’s a dangerous path we’re treading on, my friends.

Let’s take a look at some of the absurdity that this taxpayer-funded research entails. The University of Houston was granted $50,000 to create a “social media misinformation interactive dashboard” to forecast and analyze the so-called “misinformation endemic in America.” Seriously? Are they trying to play mind readers now? And don’t get me started on Syracuse University, who received almost half a million dollars to study the “online dynamics of misinformation.” How about studying the Constitution and protecting our First Amendment rights instead?

But it doesn’t end there, folks. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology got involved, claiming that large portions of the public can’t distinguish between truth and fiction online. They singled out “rural and indigenous communities,” “military veterans, older adults, and military families,” and even our dear old “older adults” as the most vulnerable. Well, excuse me, but I think we can make our own judgments about what’s true and false, thank you very much.

What’s most concerning is the NSF’s attempts to hide their initiatives. They developed a media strategy and even considered making a blacklist of conservative media outlets to ignore. This is blatant discrimination against conservatives and an attack on free speech. It’s clear they’re not interested in an open dialogue or diverse opinions. They want to control the narrative and push their own agenda.

It’s high time we put a stop to this nonsense. Our tax dollars should not be funding censorship and propaganda. We need to hold the Biden administration accountable for their attempts to silence dissenting voices. Our freedom of speech is at stake, and we must fight to protect it. Remember, folks, the truth will always prevail, no matter how hard they try to suppress it.

Written by Staff Reports

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