Biden Hides Jesus, Flaunts Trans Day on Easter!

It’s a new tale as old as time–Democrats push their agenda while denying they’re pushing their agenda, and then double down when they get called out on it. In this latest episode of political mistruths, President Joe Biden declared March 31st as “Transgender Day of Visibility” and then turned around and acted like it was all a big misunderstanding. Classic. And it just so happened to fall on Easter this year, like a coincidence big enough to make even the Easter bunny raise an eyebrow.

But wait, there’s more! Senator Jeff Merkley, a Democrat from Oregon, took to his Twitter soapbox to give a half-hearted nod to Easter, while spending significantly more time bashing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and promoting the “Transgender Day of Visibility.” It’s like the ultimate political two-for-one deal: bash your allies and push your pet projects all in one breath. You’ve got to admire the efficiency, if nothing else.

Merkley’s Easter tweet was about as heartfelt as a last-minute gas station greeting card. And his not-so-subtle digs at Israel were enough to make even the most casual observer raise an eyebrow. While Christians around the world celebrated Easter, Merkley had other things on his mind–namely, bashing Israel and advocating for the Equality Act. Because, you know, nothing says “He is risen” like pushing a controversial piece of legislation.

To top it all off, the contrast between the Democrats’ Easter messages and their full-throated support for the “Transgender Day of Visibility” is enough to make your head spin. It’s like they can’t decide whether to pander to the religious crowd or the woke crowd, so they just give a half-hearted nod to both and hope for the best. Talk about political gymnastics.

And let’s not forget our main man Biden, who conveniently forgot to mention a certain guy named Jesus in his Easter remarks. It’s like the White House ran out of bunny-themed teleprompter scripts and just decided to skip over the whole resurrection thing altogether. Who needs Jesus when you’ve got a “Transgender Day of Visibility” to promote, right?

It’s enough to make you wonder if the Democrats’ priorities are more scrambled than a carton of eggs on Easter morning. But hey, as long as they can push their agendas and play the denial game with a straight face, who really cares about consistent messaging or, you know, basic integrity? Politics, am I right?

Written by Staff Reports

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