Biden Humiliated: DeSantis Outsmarts Biden on School Choice

President Joe Biden recently attempted to attack Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but his words ended up backfiring and making a strong case in favor of school choice instead. Biden took to Twitter to express his opinion, writing, “I think every child, in every zip code, in every state should provide access to every education opportunity possible. I suppose, for some, that isn’t the consensus view.”

In response to Biden’s tweet, Christina Pushaw, an advisor for the Florida governor, retorted, “So, you’re now in favor of school choice?” The former Education Secretary under the Trump administration, Betsy DeVos, also added her views on Biden’s apparent new stance on the issue. School choice is a concept that advocates for parents to have the liberty to select the school they want their child to attend, irrespective of their geographical location or economic status. This approach provides parents with the choice to opt out of the traditional public school system and instead enroll their child in a charter school, private school, or another public school outside their designated district.

Supporters of school choice contend that it fosters competition among schools and motivates them to enhance the quality of education they provide. Moreover, advocates assert that school choice advances fairness by enabling underprivileged families to access superior schools they would otherwise be unable to afford.

Biden’s failed attempt at attacking DeSantis has inadvertently made a strong case for school choice. His words have been met with approval from both Republicans and Democrats alike, as well as those who are in favor of school choice. In recent years, the concept of providing parents greater flexibility to pick the finest school for their children has gained support, and Biden’s comments have only helped to further this cause.43

It is clear that President Biden’s failed attack on DeSantis has made a strong case for school choice. His words have been met with approval from both sides of the aisle and those who are in favor of school choice. This incident has highlighted the importance of giving parents more freedom to choose the best education for their children and has furthered the cause of school choice.

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