GOP Exposing Hunter Biden’s Compromising Art Sales

The House Oversight Committee is conducting an inquiry into the business transactions of Hunter Biden and their association with China, as well as their potential involvement with his father, President Joe Biden. In the course of this investigation, the committee has solicited data from Georges Bergès, an art dealer who purportedly sold 12 paintings by Hunter Biden to unknown purchasers for $500,000 each. Chairman James Comer (R-KY) tweeted that art sales have frequently been utilized to launder money without raising red flags.

Instead of cooperating with the committee’s demand, Bergès enlisted the services of attorney William Pittard from KaiserDillon, who argued that Bergès had a responsibility to safeguard the confidentiality of his clients and Joe and Hunter Biden. This has raised doubts among the committee members that the purchasers may have a relationship with the president. Comer had previously told Breitbart that he was “95% sure” that Hunter Biden’s art buyers were from China, which would compromise his father.

The investigation into Hunter Biden is ongoing, and the committee is hoping to uncover substantial evidence before the primaries begin next year. However, the refusal of Bergès to provide information has created a roadblock in the investigation. It remains unclear if the committee will be able to obtain the information they need in order to make a determination on the matter.

The implications of this investigation are far-reaching and could have a major impact on the Biden family. If it is revealed that Hunter Biden was involved in any illegal activities, it could have a negative effect on his father’s political career. It is also possible that foreign adversaries, including China, have used transactions involving sham art sales to launder money and evade sanctions.

The committee is currently at a standstill as they await further information from Bergès. The lack of information has caused speculation and suspicion amongst the committee members, but until they are able to obtain more information, it is impossible to know for certain what is going on. The clock is ticking, and it remains to be seen if the committee will be able to uncover any evidence before it is too late.

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