Biden Muddles Message After Swift’s Chiefs’ Super Bowl Victory!

In a surprising twist, the Biden administration couldn’t resist injecting politics into the Super Bowl. After the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers, President Joe Biden’s Twitter account posted a rather cryptic tweet featuring an image of Biden with glowing eyes. Now, I’m assuming Biden himself didn’t come up with this brilliant idea, considering that the Super Bowl ended well past his bedtime.

The tweet, which some have deemed creepy and unsettling, seems to be an attempt to dunk on the right. Unfortunately, it backfired spectacularly. Not only did it give more air to the conspiracy theory linking the Chiefs’ victory to Taylor Swift’s endorsement of Biden, but it also made the administration look desperate for Swift’s support.

It’s truly astonishing how the Biden memesters managed to make their boss look creepy while simultaneously failing to debunk the conspiracy theory. They’re playing 8D deep-sea Go while Trump and his people are stuck with 3D underwater chess. Take that, conservatives!

But in all seriousness, this tweet only serves to undermine Biden’s image as a dignified elder statesman. Instead, it makes him appear more like a meme-loving teenager who’s trying too hard to be cool. Maybe the Biden administration should focus on more important matters and leave the Super Bowl celebrations to the fans.

Written by Staff Reports

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