Biden’s Cognitive Crisis: Special Counsel Cites Age, Left Mocks Own Standard

In a recent White House press conference, President Joe Biden tried to shake off the findings of Special Counsel Robert Hur, who concluded the President willfully retained classified materials but couldn’t be charged due to his advanced age and resulting cognitive decline. The report exposed stunning assessments of Biden’s mental health, describing him as “elderly with a poor memory” and “struggling to recall events.” Unsurprisingly, The New York Times jumped on the bandwagon, highlighting Biden’s degraded mental abilities. The Left’s inconsistency and desperation to discredit Biden’s political opponents was hilariously captured in a viral tweet mocking their biased reporting.

The report’s focus on Biden’s mental health prompted medical experts to question the validity of such judgments, emphasizing the need for objective tests to assess cognitive impairment. But the biased narrative and double standards from the Left were further exposed by their relentless push to diagnose Biden based on verbal stumbles rather than scientific evidence. The media’s hypocrisy was evident in their conflicting coverage of Biden’s age and mental acuity, especially in the lead-up to the 2022 midterms.

Despite the White House’s attempts to spin the Hur report as a victory due to the lack of charges, the damage to Biden’s credibility was already done. His inability to remember key aspects of his vice presidency and personal tragedies only served to reinforce widespread concerns about his fitness for office. With the looming specter of a reelection campaign, Biden’s diminishing appeal among core Democratic voter groups has become an increasingly pressing issue for the White House.

The attempt to prop up so-called “experts” as a defense strategy fell flat, as the public’s trust in so-called authority figures had been eroded during the politicized handling of the COVID pandemic. The Left’s reliance on elitist credentialism and selective outrage further alienated voters who had witnessed firsthand Biden’s struggles with age-related cognitive decline. The era of the expert was met with justified skepticism and suspicion from a public worn out by endless political manipulation.

Ultimately, the Left’s condescending attachment to credentialism and biased reporting has only contributed to the growing perception of Biden as unfit for office due to his advanced age and declining mental faculties. The stark contrast between media depictions of Biden and their treatment of political opponents laid bare the Left’s desperation and hypocrisy. In the absence of genuine solutions and candid assessments, the manufactured narratives and political posturing serve to highlight the glaring deficiencies of the current administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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