Biden Opens the Door to Open Borders With His Latest Loophole

This is because of a loophole in President Biden's border controls that allows economic migrants to send many more kids and teenagers into the US.

According to a recent article by the New York Times, many foreign minors who want work in the US are still taking advantage of the UAC loophole. This is despite the risks they are facing.

The United States established the U.C.A. gateway in 2008 to provide legal status to some minors who were exploited and used as prostitutes in the country.

The Los Angeles Times reported that many immigrant parents are using the loophole to avoid Biden's new regulations.

Before the new regulations were implemented, migrants tried to sign up for the so-called "parole pathway" through the US Customs and Border Protection's (US CBP) One mobile app. However, this route is not for everyone.

Through the app, families can easily get their children into the US. After they have been processed through the UAC process, they are reunited with their families in a designated city.

The LA Times reported that many immigrant parents are using the app to get their kids into the US. Once they're processed, they are reunited with their families in a designated city.

According to the advocates, some parents are also choosing to leave their children in Mexico while they wait for their appointments with US CBP. This couple from Venezuela reportedly abandoned their five kids at the border and traveled to the US after securing two appointments.

A witness, who identified himself as Jeyson, said that he saw the kids being taken away by US authorities.

In an interview with, Priscilla Orta, a lawyer for the lawyers for good government group, discussed the situation of immigrant parents who are taking their kids away from them.

During the interview, Orta noted that about a dozen parents crossed the border on Monday. All of them had already sent their kids away unaccompanied.

On February 27, Reuters reported that many families were separating at the border in Mexico. One of the reasons why the teenagers decided to turn himself in was because his mother could only arrange one appointment.

Mark Krikorian, an expert on immigration, said that the incentive provided by Biden to some people makes sense.

In December and January, US Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas allowed over 20,000 unescorted and unauthorized immigrant children (UACs) to enter the country. About 75% of these individuals are young adults who are seeking a job.

Before they reach the US, Mexican authorities reportedly intercept the other UACs and deport them.

The increasing number of migrants exploiting the apparent loophole in the new border policy is a result of the assertions made by pro-business groups that Biden's administration is cruel and exclusive.

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