Jill Biden’s Primetime Special FLOPS: CNN Humiliated

CNN’s recent primetime special featuring First Lady Jill Biden, titled “Jill Biden Abroad,” was a major disappointment for the network. According to Fox News, the show fell short of the network’s usual time slot average by almost half, with only 368,000 viewers tuning in. This marks CNN’s poorest weekday performance at 9 p.m. since June 17, 2022, except for the holidays of Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The dismal ratings of “Jill Biden Abroad” are indicative of the struggles that CNN has been facing in recent times. Despite their efforts to produce new content and appeal to a broader audience, the network has seen a decline in viewership. This has led to concerns about the future of the network and their ability to compete with other news outlets.

It is no surprise that CNN’s primetime special featuring First Lady Jill Biden failed to draw in viewers. After all, President Biden is a liberal Democrat and his wife is a liberal activist who has taken on a number of initiatives that are not popular among conservative Republicans. It is clear that CNN is attempting to push a liberal agenda and it is no wonder that conservative viewers are tuning out.

The low ratings of “Jill Biden Abroad” could be a sign of things to come if President Biden decides to run for re-election in 2024. It is likely that conservative voters will be more focused on the performance of the President and the overall state of the country than on the ratings of his wife’s television appearance. This could spell trouble for the Biden administration and could be an indication that conservative voters are not happy with the direction that the Biden administration is taking the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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