Biden Panics As Jim Jordan Announces 1st House Investigation Of 2023

In his first investigation as the chairman of the House Committee on Judiciary, Jim Jordan said that he would look into the mishandling of classified documents by Joe Biden.

According to Jordan, House Republicans would look into Biden's documents, which were discovered in multiple locations at his home in Delaware. He also said that they would examine how the Justice Department handled the investigation.

In a letter to Judge Garland, Jordan and another Republican member of the House Committee on Judiciary stated that they would look into the actions of the Justice Department regarding Biden's mishandling of classified information. The documents were reportedly found in various locations, including his home in Delaware and a private office in Washington, DC.

In the letter, Jordan also questioned the Justice Department's knowledge of the documents' existence before they were revealed.

""According to Jordan, it is not clear when the Justice Department learned about the documents' existence, if they were intentionally concealed, or if they even knew about their existence before the 2022 elections. He also wondered if the department had any interactions with Biden regarding the mishandling of classified information.""

In their letter, Johnson and Jordan questioned the appointment of former US Attorney Robert Hur as a special counsel to look into the matter.

""In their letter, the congressmen stated that the appointment of Robert Hur as a special counsel to look into the matter raises significant oversight questions. They also asked the Justice Department to cooperate with their investigation.""

Following Hur's appointment, news outlet Valedict News reported that he suppressed information related to an FBI whistleblower, who claimed that the agency failed to look into the Clinton Foundation during the investigation.

Hur stated that releasing information related to the whistleblower during the investigation could harm the government's chances of finding new evidence. He also said that keeping the information on the server would prevent the destruction of evidence and tampering with witnesses.

After another batch of documents was found in Biden's garage, many people speculated that the boxes contained classified information.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Valient News.

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