Biden Raises Taxes During Recession

Joe Biden and his corrupt government of globalist billionaires, climate change bureaucrats, progressive child groomers, and D.C. careerists lorded over America's demise by signing the 'Inflation Reduction Act' on Tuesday.

The Inflation Reduction Act's extensive advertising operation has generally confused Americans. The term is a flagrant misnomer meant to confuse the measure's content, allowing Democrats to make absurd claims about a bill that harms many Americans.

On Tuesday, the intellectually impaired President allotted $430 billion the U.S. doesn't have to battle climate change and create a heavily-armed tax-collecting militia, all paid for by increasing tax revenue.

Biden claims only lucrative firms and uber-wealthy Americans will experience tax hikes, but every economist and anyone who understands basic economics knows that's not true.

What happens when governments boost corporate taxes? Do firms just pay higher taxes? Or do they pass the expense on to customers, who will pay more?

Biden doesn't appear to understand how the ultra-rich avoid income taxes.

The law raises the corporate minimum tax to 15% and increases IRS enforcement funding.

This theory peddled by Democrats and Biden's White House that the 'Inflation Reduction Act' decreases inflation while adding nearly a trillion dollars to the national debt AND limiting the economy's ability to create is so ridiculous the liberal media isn't believing it.

Progressive MPs admit the bill won't reduce inflation.

The law exists so Biden may say he made a historic climate change investment.

Green energy subsidies and tax credits total $386 billion.

Clean air tax credits, electric vehicle subsidies, new oil and gas levies, and more.

Additional Medicare spending will cost taxpayers $98 million.

Sen. Joe Manchin, whose vote ensured the Regime's triumph, appeared onstage alongside Biden. The mentally challenged President appeared disoriented and puzzled on approaching Manchin, offering him the official pen as if they'd never met.

Conservatives are upset about this new measure because it's a bold-faced falsehood aimed to fool the American people into thinking substantial changes will be made when our economy will only tighten further.

The Regime will utilize this legislative 'win' to convince voters of their good work for the country, when they've actually made things worse

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Examiner News.

Written by Staff Reports

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