Biden Spews Shocking LIES About GOP’s Medicare Agenda

As reported by OANN; In a speech on Tuesday, Biden noted that the government was able to reduce the cost of prescription drugs by about three percent in 2023. He said that the move would benefit the people who use Medicare.

Despite the current economic situation, the president still claims that he can still provide for the needs of Americans. For instance, the cost of a new drug for Alzheimer's disease was a factor that led to a premium hike earlier this year.

The president insisted that the premium for Medicare Part B will decrease this year, and that this fee is a free service that the government provides for the people who use the program. According to Biden, the fees have been going up, but they are going down now and this means that more money will be in the pockets of the people who rely on the program.

The Washington Post has refuted this claim, stating that Senator Rick Scott of Florida proposed that Congress repeatedly vote on the issue of Medicare. The newspaper also noted that Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin suggested that these programs should be funded through the annual budget. The Post also claimed that only two Republicans called for the end of social security and Medicare.

Despite his numerous claims about the threat that the Republican Party poses to democracy, Biden still called for unity during his speech.

A recent survey revealed that over two-thirds of Americans believe that Biden's statements about the America first movement are divisive.

Written by Staff Reports

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