WATCH: Biden PANICS Over Latest Conservative Victory In Italy

Biden is leading the radical left's freak-out over Giorgia Meloni's win in Italy last week. Meloni will be Italy's first female prime minister, shocking 'feminists'

The White House is apoplectic after the right retook Italy's parliament and joined Sweden's governing coalition. It fears a "neofascist" backlash is on the increase globally.

Biden said, "You saw what happened in Italy's election." You're seeing what's  happening around the world. The reason I bother to say that is you can’t be sanguine about what’s happening here, either.”

Biden's warning about Meloni follows attempts to label "MAGA" Trump supporters "semi-fascist."

Biden's argument is weak because Trump was president for four years and didn't pursue "fascist" policies. One of the most peaceful presidents in recent US history, he respected constitutional rights. The present White House is different.

Giorgia Meloni captivates Americans who oppose the radical left.

Future Italian PM's speech exposes why global elites dread her.

She said in Italian, "Please answer me these questions." "Today's agenda"

“Why is the family an enemy?” she asked. “Why is the family so frightening? There is a single answer to all these questions. Because it defines us. Because it is our identity.”

“Because everything that defines us is now an enemy for those who would like us to no longer have an identity and to simply be perfect consumer slaves,” she continued. “And so they attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity.”

Google-owned YouTube removed the World Congress of Families video after it became viral. This is election rigging.

YouTube withdrew the video Wednesday for violating its rules, according to National Review.

Being pro-family and Christian breaks YouTube's "rules." More likely, Meloni's remark challenges globalists who want to homogenize national traditions and break up the nuclear family. The Italian right overreacted, per Politico.

Politically, the White House felt the Italy earthquake. “The election of Italian far-right leader Giorgia Meloni rocked Europe, stoking worries of a new right-wing movement amid economic misery and a blazing war in the East. It prompted Biden administration private anxiety."

The White House put on a brave face, claiming Meloni's win represented the Italian people's will and expressing confidence that Italy would remain a solid partner of the West.

“It's a NATO ally, a G7 partner, and a member of the EU,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Monday. “So we will work with the new Italian government on the full range of shared global challenges, including supporting Ukraine as they defend themselves against Russia's aggression.”

US Republican politicians have praised Meloni's rise.

"America is stronger when Italy is strong, independent, prosperous, and free," tweeted Sen. Tom Cotton.

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