Biden’s America: Teen Crime Runs Wild, No Consequences in Dem Cities!

Joe Biden's country has become a frightening place for law-abiding Americans. Businesses have become more vulnerable to crime, and people are getting murdered by criminals.

A recent example shows how soft-on-the-crime policies can have disastrous consequences. For instance, a young criminal who carried out a days-long crime spree won't face any consequences because he was merely a minor. This sends a bad message to our impressionable young people. It's no wonder that juvenile crime has increased in this Democratic-controlled area.

In Washington D.C., over 60% of carjacking arrests this year have been made by juveniles. This is frightening, considering that many of these young people are terrorizing the streets and carjacking innocent individuals like in a twisted video game. Juvenile arrests also increased by 20% in the previous year.

In February, a teenager was apprehended after he carjacked a woman on her way to the chemotherapy table. What kind of monster would do that? And what punishment was handed down to him? A slap on the wrist followed by mandatory rehabilitation? Surely this will teach him a valuable lesson?

In another case, two teenagers who tried to rob and shoot a prominent football player were given kid gloves instead of facing justice. They were also sent to a rehabilitation center instead of being incarcerated. Surprise, one of them was allowed to leave the facility and live with his dad. This shows that the authorities are not serious about addressing the issues of juvenile delinquency.

The entire system is involved in helping these juvenile delinquents, as it allows them to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. In the District of Columbia, Brian Schwalb, the state's attorney general, thinks that it's perfectly fine to let these young criminals get away with their crimes as long as they're still kids. He believes that treating them as if they're adults is wrong.

The liberal policies in D.C. have also resulted in the release of dangerous juvenile offenders, such as carjackers, murderers, and armed robbers, who can walk free due to a law that prevents them from being incarcerated past their 21st birthday. This is like giving away a free pass to these dangerous individuals.

Written by Staff Reports

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