Victory! Fed Judge Crushes Gov’s Gun Ban, Upholds 2nd Amendment Rights

A federal judge has blocked the city of Albuquerque's unlawful firearms ban.

A federal judge in New Mexico issued a restraining order to stop the state's governor from implementing an outrageous ban on open carry of firearms. This move had been met with widespread condemnation from both the left and the right.

In a rare instance of sanity, Judge David Urias of the US District Court in New Mexico declared the ban unconstitutional. He noted that the ban would have a significant effect on the Second Amendment rights of citizens.

Although the temporary restraining order has been put in place, it will remain in place until October 3. It's important that members of the right to bear arms continue fighting for their freedom.

In addition to the law enforcement officials opposing her, Lujan Grisham also faced criticism from her own attorney general. Ral Torrez called her order unconstitutional and claimed that it would not affect public safety.

If the judge believes that the ban is unconstitutional, then why did the governor put it in place in the first place, and it's clear that she's a political opportunist who's only interested in gaining power for herself?

Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen and District Attorney Sam Bregman showed admirable defiance by refusing to enforce the unconstitutional order. They believe that it's their responsibility to protect the rights of citizens and uphold the law. We need more such leaders who are willing to stand up to tyrannical power.

It's great to see a judge putting a stop to the unconstitutional gun ban in New Mexico. However, it's still important that the people elect officials who will uphold the Second Amendment's rights.

Written by Staff Reports

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