Biden’s Border Blunder: Building Wall, Fails on Promises

The 2020 presidential election may seem like a distant memory, but the hypocritical actions of Joe Biden are bringing it back into the spotlight. Despite his previous promises, Biden has failed to deliver on his commitment to border protection and has instead allowed illegal immigration to run rampant. His reliance on “high-tech capacity” has done nothing to deter the thousands of illegal crossings that occur every day. It’s clear that Biden’s focus on ports of entry was simply a way to avoid addressing the real issue of illegal crossings between ports during the Trump administration.

Now, the situation at ports of entry is minuscule compared to the chaos caused by the thousands of immigrants crossing the Rio Grande and attempting to breach barriers from California to Texas. Even big city Democrats who once supported Biden are now begging for help as they witness the reality of the border crisis. In a surprising move that contradicts his previous stance, the Biden administration has announced the waiver of 26 federal laws to allow border wall construction in South Texas. This decision, reminiscent of Trump’s actions, shows that Biden’s open-border policies have been a disaster from the start.

However, simply constructing a wall will not solve the crisis at hand. Trump understood this, implementing policies like “Remain in Mexico” that helped prevent the chaos we see today. Until Biden addresses the root causes of illegal immigration and stops apprehending and quickly releasing immigrants into overwhelmed sanctuary cities, the situation will only worsen. The practice of helping unlawful entrants disappear into the interior of the country, as witnessed by this writer on a recent flight, further highlights the lack of regard for national security.

While Biden’s fellow Democrats may oppose his new plan for border wall construction, it is a small glimmer of hope that his stance on illegal immigration may be changing. However, without significant policy changes, this move will likely be nothing more than an empty gesture. It’s time for Biden to take real action and come up with a comprehensive plan to address the surge of illegal immigration. The security of our country depends on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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