Biden’s FBI Spies on Trump Backers: 2024 Election Frontline

The Biden administration continues to weaponize the US justice system, and its latest move is using the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to surveil and track Trump supporters ahead of the 2024 election. According to a report by Newsweek, the administration believes that the “threat of violence and major civil disturbances” from Trump supporters is a good reason to monitor and counter them.

It is no surprise that the FBI is targeting Trump supporters, given Joe Biden’s rhetoric against MAGA. Biden has called Trump and MAGA Republicans a threat to the soul of the country and has accused them of questioning the legitimacy of past and future elections. This full-scale attack on political opposition is exactly what we expected from the Biden administration.

The FBI claims that it is trying to prevent another attack like the one on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. However, their approach seems to be much broader than just targeting potential violence. They are categorizing the MAGA movement and its supporters as “domestic terrorists,” which is a politically motivated term designed to target and silence the opposition.

But it’s not just Trump supporters that the FBI is going after; it’s their own agents as well. The Bureau has told agents who dare to question the handling of the January 6 cases to find another job. This demonstrates the Biden administration’s intolerance for any dissenting voices within the agency.

The FBI’s actions are reminiscent of a banana republic, where political opponents are targeted and silenced. The agency’s credibility has already been called into question with the Trump-Russia hoax, the targeting of pro-life activists and concerned parents at school boards, and the protection of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden from corruption allegations.

In the end, the FBI’s claims to prioritize the safety and constitutional rights of all Americans ring hollow. We cannot trust an agency that has shown a clear bias against Trump supporters and a willingness to target and suppress political opposition. This is the America we’re living in, where simply supporting Trump makes you a domestic terrorist in the eyes of the FBI.

Written by Staff Reports

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