Biden’s Border Blunder: More Traffic Than Interstate Frenzy!

In 1846, the United States and Mexico settled a wild west-style standoff to answer the perennial question “Where’s the line, anyway?” Most people thought that was the end of that, but fast forward to 2024, and the Biden administration is playing a risky game of make-believe with the border. Instead of properly enforcing the boundaries, they’re basically relying on pinky swears to keep illegal immigrants in check, and it’s causing a ruckus.

President Joe Biden’s idea of a good time was rolling back all of former President Donald Trump’s border rules, which led to a sudden surge in illegal crossings. In February 2021, right after Biden took the reins, there were over 100,000 land encounters on the Mexican border. And each month after that, at least 140,000 folks were rolling in, many of them courtesy of the cartels. But, hey, who’s counting, right?

The whole situation has gotten so out of hand that it’s got even the Democrats scratching their heads. December of last year saw a whopping 302,304 encounters, breaking all the records. That’s more people than in the city of Pittsburgh, and that’s just in one month! The grand total of border encounters since Biden’s watch began is over 7 million. That’s more people than in 15 whole states. It’s like a population explosion, but no one’s popping the champagne.

It’s basic international law that a country needs to keep a handle on its turf to even count as a country. It’s like trying to claim a piece of the sidewalk for yourself at lunchtime. It just doesn’t fly. And as President Trump once said, “If you don’t have borders, then you don’t have a country.” It’s like trying to have a birthday party without cake. It just doesn’t work.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was on the case like a bloodhound on a scent, sending in the Texas National Guard and state troopers to assist with the border chaos. But the federal government wasn’t exactly thrilled with that move. They even had the nerve to try and stop Texas from taking action. What a doozy!

Last month, the Texas Department of Public Safety took over a park in Eagle Pass and put up some barbed wire to keep people from just sauntering across the border. But then the administration swooped in, waving a federal appeals court order to stop the wire-dance. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is set to weigh in on the case, and the feds are squaring up for a good old-fashioned showdown.

The whole fiasco has Republican governors standing shoulder to shoulder with Abbott, calling out Biden’s “lawless” neglect and labeling the situation as an invasion. Some Democrats reckon Biden should federalize the Texas National Guard, but the administration seems content on duking it out in the courtroom. It’s like a game of political chess, with both sides making bold moves.

Justice Anthony Kennedy once said sharp words about the importance of the federal government handling immigration properly, but it seems like Biden’s got other plans. As it stands, 77% of voters are looking for some kind of agreement between the administration and the Republicans to tackle border security. It’s like a chorus of people knocking on the door, but no one’s answering. The voters want answers, and the administration better start listening.

Written by Staff Reports

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