Biden’s Brother’s Big Bucks: Another Foreign Money Mystery Unravels!

In a bombshell revelation, it has been exposed that the Biden family’s involvement in questionable business dealings goes beyond just Hunter Biden. James Biden, the president’s brother, has also been cashing in on his brother’s political power. The Biden family’s cozy relationship with Chinese conglomerate CEFC resulted in a lucrative deal that netted millions for James Biden, his wife, Sara Biden, Hunter Biden, and their business partners. It’s clear that the Biden family was hoping this deal would be their ticket to financial freedom.

The fact that CEFC had close ties to the entire Biden family is highly concerning. One of the company’s executives even shared an office space with Joe Biden, Jill Biden, James Biden, and Hunter Biden. And discussions were held about cutting Joe Biden in on the profits if he remained out of office. This raises serious questions about Joe Biden’s potential involvement in this shady business venture.

While the spotlight has mainly been on Hunter Biden’s foreign business activities, it’s clear that James Biden has also been capitalizing on his brother’s political power. He played a prominent role in the botched attempt to charge Hunter Biden with tax violations related to the CEFC deal. By including details of the Chinese business in the withdrawn charges, the Justice Department tried to give Hunter Biden immunity for any illegal activity. This shows that the Biden family was well aware of the potential legal consequences of their actions.

James Biden’s long history of using the family name for personal gain cannot be ignored. From failed business ventures to involvement in lawsuits, he has consistently courted controversy. Even Joe Biden himself has intervened on James Biden’s behalf, using his political influence to protect his brother from financial embarrassment.

The involvement of multiple Biden family members in these foreign business deals raises serious concerns about Joe Biden’s claim that he had no knowledge or involvement in his son’s activities. It’s becoming harder and harder to believe that Hunter Biden’s actions were solely his own, especially when other family members with different backgrounds and expertise were also profiting from these ventures.

The fact that James Biden’s emails suggest that Joe Biden was aware and possibly even involved in the CEFC deal is particularly troubling. The Biden family was banking on this energy deal to be a game-changer for them. It’s clear that they saw an opportunity to capitalize on Joe Biden’s political power and were willing to do whatever it took to make it happen.

The Biden family’s web of questionable business dealings continues to unravel. With each new revelation, it becomes more apparent that this is not just a case of one bad apple in the family. Multiple Biden family members have been cashing in on Joe Biden’s political power, and it’s time for some serious accountability. The American people deserve answers and transparency from the president and his family.

Written by Staff Reports

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