Biden’s Bumbling Address: Memory Malfunctions and Blame Games

President Biden, who seems to be perpetually late, finally addressed the nation last night, and boy, was it a train wreck. You’d think a guy with all the bells and whistles of being the president would have his act together, but it turns out he can’t even keep track of his own memory. Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report was as brutal as it gets, calling out Biden’s memory lapses left and right. I mean, who forgets serving as a vice president or when their own son passed away? Yikes!

Biden tried to save face, blabbering on about how he always remembers his son Beau’s passing, but then he stumbled over his own words, not even remembering where he got his rosary to honor Beau. And to top it off, he had the audacity to blame his staff for mishandling classified materials. Classic move, right? Throw the blame everywhere except where it belongs—on himself.

Once Biden finally opened up the floor to questions, it was a deluge of concerns about his memory and age. And let’s be honest, with his laundry list of gaffes, who wouldn’t be worried? Instead of addressing the real issues, he rambled on about his past accomplishments, conveniently forgetting that his record is causing some serious inflation problems. Whoops!

But wait, there’s more! When asked about the Israel-Hamas War, he couldn’t even get his facts straight, confusing the president of Egypt with the president of Mexico. And the cherry on top? He’s been telling tall tales about chatting with European leaders who have long since passed away. Can someone please grab him a calendar?

To make matters worse, even ex-Obama advisers and CNN personalities are calling him out. They’re not buying his excuses, and his former communications director is trying to smooth things over, but the damage is already done. The report is riddled with references to Biden’s willful retention of classified documents, and even a former federal prosecutor sees the writing on the wall. Biden’s contradictory statements and questionable conduct have put him on thin ice, and his attempt to shift the blame onto his staff won’t cut it.

But hey, at least the former president’s legal team is probably loving this mess. They just might have a shot at turning the tables with a selective prosecution motion. As much as the Biden camp wants to downplay it, the truth is out there, and the American people aren’t buying his forgetful excuses. It’s time for Biden to face the music, but something tells me he’ll forget the lyrics. Oof!

Written by Staff Reports

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